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Call Us Now: (915) 800-1009 | VISIT US TODAY 9809 Montana Ave, El Paso, TX 79925

Call Us Now: (915) 800-1009 | VISIT US TODAY 9809 Montana Ave, El Paso, TX 79925


Our auto body repair experience and technology allows us to return your vehicle to manufacturer’s specification, so you’re back on the road in a car that drives just as well as it did before your accident. 

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Fender Bender

If you have been involved in minor accidents that involve the bumper or fender of a vehicle, our team will inspect your vehicle and provide an estimate for those hidden damages.

Frame Straightening

Frame damage is quite common in auto accidents. Here at R/T Body Shop we have the proper equipment to restore its shape back to factory specifications.

Head & Tail Lights

R/T Body Shop will repair or replace your vehicle headlights (headlamps) or tail lights (rear lights) to get you back on the road and driving safely.


Hail storms can cause extensive denting, especially on the hood, roof, and trunk of your vehicle. In some cases, hail can break windshields. Using a variety of tools, techniques, and specialized training, our team will remove those dents caused by hail.

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Paintless Dent Repair

At R/T Body Shop we are certified and have the equipment available to remove minor dents from the body caused by Hail Damage.

Windshield Repair

Hail can break windshields, as it pounds your vehicle relentlessly. We can repair your windshield or replace the entire windshield if necessary.


We offer auto paint services to get your car looking new again. If your paint is damaged because of a collision or you just want to update the color, Stop by our shop today.

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Auto Paint

Our auto body & paint shop can perform a variety of paint services from minor paint repair and scratch repair to complete auto painting and everything in between.

Custom Paint

We can change the color of your car with custom auto paint. With years of expertise and access to an infinite range of colors, we’re able to provide high-quality paint jobs that enable complete auto customization.


In a world filled with Insurance taking advantage of people ,insecurities will exist in everybody. Let the experts deal with the companies and get your vehicle covered with Zero Deductible.

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Here at R/T Body Shop we accept and work with all car insurances. We make the hassle of dealing with insurances easy.

Zero Deductible

At R/T Body Shop, we’ll help you save on deductibles for your repair costs. We work with insurance companies to help our customers save.


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